From Russia with Love

April 29, 2016 hudsoncress 0

From Russia with Love.exe – The Russian Underground Hacking Culture They don’t want to know how to spell. It’s basically one of the criteria of […]

Machine Learning Explained

March 2, 2016 hudsoncress 0 Here’s a great explanation of how machine learning works.   This has become one of the most crucial and fundamental aspects of computer science, […]

Fuzzing Explained

February 12, 2016 hudsoncress 0 A truly epic deck of slides on fuzz testing.   This is how you go about discovering new vulnerabilities.   But more importantly this […]


February 12, 2016 hudsoncress 0

Cisco has issued a fix to address CVE-2016-1287. The Cisco ASA Adaptive Security Appliance is an IP router that acts as an application-aware firewall, network […]

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